Tourist Places in Sivasagar

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Bor Pukhuri

    Sivasagar Tank Borpukhuri

    The Sivasagar tank was dug by Queen Ambika in 1734, in memory of her husband Swargadeo Sivasingha. The city of Sivasagar thus derives its name from this historic tank. It is the second largest man made lake in Assam after the nearby Joysagar tank.

    Apart from its historical importance, the entire bank of the tank is of prime significance as it has the three Dols, most of the Govt. administrative offices, district prison, a church, a mosque, a buddhist monastery, two colleges, high schools, a museum, a tennis club, parks & gardens, etc.

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About Sivasagar

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Sivasagar, a multi cultural city with a rich heritage, is located in the Sivasagar district of the state of Assam. The city is known for many monuments and sites that date back to the Kingdom of Ahom. One can find many different attractions in the city and the main place of interest is a water tank called the Borpukhuri. This is situated in an elevated region that is higher than the rest of the city and there are three temples that can be seen here as well. An amphitheatre called the Rang Ghar is also present in the city. The roof of the building was built to resemble an up turned boat. One can also visit the Joysagar which is a man made lake and it is located in a place called Rangpur. For those who are interested in history, the Ahom Museum is a good place to visit. There are many artifacts that belong to the Ahom Kings that are present here. You can see swords, platters, and goblets present in the museum.
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Important Contact Phone Numbers in Sivasagar

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Tourist can refer to the following telephone directory during their visit to Sivasagar. Read More

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